Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On my way to Montebello!

Today was pretty relaxing. I was leaving for Montebello at 12h so I took my time this morning to finish packing, preparing my boyfriend's dinner and having some good time with the dogs. I even made some muffins!

The road took about 5 hours of which 3 of them were boring because it's a trip I did pretty often (Québec - Montréal). But after that, I had never seen it so that was more entertaining. I discovered some neat places and some creepy ones too that I would love to come back visit someday. The Inn I'm staying at is pretty from outside but it's definitely not the best place I've stayed to in my life! I'll wait tomorrow morning to see if the breakfast is ok but right now, I'm not impressed by the cleanliness of the place. But the village seems to be a really cute one and there's a trail (horse trail yay!) I can take to walk to the Château Montebello where the congress will take place. I hope that I'll see some horse on my way. It's a 20 minute walk approximately so it will give me the time to enjoy the place and digest my breakfast...before eating some more. Because eating is part of a regular congress down here!

On our way, we took a small break in Montréal to pick up some people and I had enough time to buy myself a little gift: Read my lips tea (chocolate & mint) from David's tea. It's such a sweety!

Have a nice day!
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