Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some great finds

I had a minute tonight and I found some really cool stuff that I wanted to show you.

This little boy here is Christopher Robin, and his teddy bear is? Yes, it's Winnie the pooh. 1927

found here

Can you guess who's this guy? It's Charlie Chaplin when he was 27.

also found here

I've always loved this creepy picture of melted mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud's wax museum. 1930

from here too

This one is really disturbing too (I like disturbing things, but not horrible things, don't worry). It's a ventriloquist with his puppet. I would pay lots of money to ask this guy WHY? Seriously, look at this, would you ever wear what he has on his head and would you ever play with that puppet? And most of all, would you dare to show this to a kid? I have a couple of these weird ventriloquists on my tumblr he you want some more.

I must admit that I've never understood why people do this. I would be in a panic if I was buried like this. I feel bad just looking at them. Have you ever been buried from neck to toes in the sand? How did it feel?

Tomorrow night, it will be the biggest full moon of the year. It will be 40% bigger and 10% brighter than usual. Don't miss it!

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