Saturday, June 8, 2013

The short story of a birdie

So today I found out that a bird was stuck under the washing machine at the barn. I texted my boyfriend so that he could come and help me to move the washing machine, the dryer machine and the pallet they're sitting on in order to save the little bird. We got him out and found out that he couldn't fly so the boyfriend took him back home while I was finishing my job.

When I got home, I browsed a bit to find out how to take care of him and we went downtown to find some things to help him out. When we came back, we built him a little nest and gave him some water but he refused to eat. After all this, it was already time for me to go back to the barn to feed the horses. It took me less than an hour and when I came back home, little birdie was dead...we failed at saving him. So I think we'll stick to dogs and horses from now on.

This was the short story of a birdie.

Did you ever saved a wild animal?

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  1. aww im so sorry that he didn't survive :/ but it was heroic of you to attempt! There's so many people who see helpless creatures and go on about their day without a second glance.

    I found you on the blog hop too and gave you a follow on BlogLovin' :)

  2. i would have love to save him and have a bird friend. i've always dreamed about adopting a wild animal :)