Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A horse and a list

hi! I promised you that I would introduce you to my horse, so here we go:

This is Dyvel, the big, fat, grey Dyvel.

And when he's up he looks a bit like this, with me riding him.

This picture was taken around the first week of march. And I haven't ridden him since then until this Monday. He had a problem walking so I let him recover, gave him natural product to help him and got on his back for the first time 2 days ago. Let me tell you something: my horse is not an easy horse.

When I first met him, it took me 2 months to be able to ride him for over 15 minutes without having him trying to kick me off. It took me another 4 months before I was able to ride outside and another month to be able to take him away from the stable. And by "away" I mean where he couldn't see it, which means about 500 ft away, in the woods...After that, he started to trust me a lot more an we did lots of trails during the whole summer. But Dyvel is Dyvel, super nervous, afraid of anything and everything, so it's never easy and relaxing with him. We had some really nice trails but they were not so frequent. Do I need to tell you that getting back on him after over a month was almost a mess? And since I am such a cowboy, like some people like to say, I wanted to go on a trail right away so I rode him outside. It took us over an hour to do less than 1 km, including getting back to the barn. I feel like i'm starting over all the work I've done with him and it discourages me. I still feel that he trust me, he didn't try to kick me off, he was just so nervous that he could have made me fall off if he'd panicked, but that all the desensizitation I've done I will have to do it again. Oh well! I love my horse so I will do it, of course, but it's not easy.

I got a book a few years ago. "The book of my lists" which is a free traduction of the french title, is, as you could easily find out, a book with lists in it. It simply gives you ideas of lists you can do. Since I never got to fill it, I will do it here. And maybe you could do your own and share it with me? I'll start with

the list of the things i would like to discover someday

  • The winning loterie numbers
  • The perfect house
  • The secret of my grand'ma's tapioca
  • A pirate treasure
  • A really important archives that nobody new about (i'm an archivist, so finding THE one is my dream)

What about you?

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