Friday, April 19, 2013

Smile, it's friday!

Hi everyone! The last 2 days were just really neat! The weather was finally hot so i went outside without my coat and took longs walks with the dogs. It's time to introduce you to them i think, since you will ear about them a lot!

Lets start with the older one, a dwarf schnauzer, Truc, which basically means "Thing" in french. We named her like that because her previous owners, who we bought our house from, were both deaf-mute (is it the right way to say it???) so we never get to know her real name clearly. It was something like Zatara but we're not sure and anyway, she never heard it! So when we were talking about her, we were talking about "it", and it stayed. We get looked at when we call her...

Then we have Wookie, a golden X lab. His name was Bookie when we adopted him but we didn’t like it so we changed it for Wookie. Sounds more geek-ish to us. And it was a good choice since he sounds like Chewbacca sometimes. He is, by far, our best dog. Not that we don’t like the others but he's just the kind of dog who's doing tricks and cuddle a lot, you know, the best family dog you can have!

And last but not least, we have Rufio. We choose this name because we adopted him from a foster home, he's a lost boy! It's a something X something. Hahaha! He was found attached to a light pole in a parking lot at the mall, poor thing, so we don’t have any clue on how old he is or what breed he is. We suppose that he have some american bulldog in his DNA but who knows...He had a lateral patella luxation a month ago so now we have to take him out every. single. time. on a leach. And this will go on for another 3 weeks. He's not supposed to run while he's recovering (nobody told him, apparently) so we have to go outside with him every time he needs to. Our house is almost in the middle of the forest and we're the only house on the street so usually, they go outside alone and free. He's really impatient to run again and so am i! He's very young, we suspect that he's not 2 yet, so he has A LOT of energy to spend. These little 15 minutes walks he have to take twice a day to recover, are not enough for him.

So now you know about the dogs, next time i will introduce you to the horse! I have to go work at the barn tomorrow morning at 5 so I’m going to bed now. Yep, i wanted to have my own horse, i have to pay for it now. And he's totally worth every single minute that i work for him!

see you soon!

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