Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to the Fashion-hermite blog!

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Hi guys! I'm starting this blog to share my love of fashion, photography, food and design with you. Hope you'll like it!

Just so you know me a little, i LOVE fashion but i feel better alone with my dogs than in a crowded store. As much as i like to dress up, as much as i like to walk in the woods in jeans-t-shirt outfit. My life is all about duality, i'm like that. I love high heels and sexy flashy dresses as much as i love morigril's layering and natural colors. I love punk culture as much as i like the bohemian one. I love beautiful things and i dont care in which category they could fit or do not fit in. So you might find this blog a little ecclectic sometimes but i hope that you still will find it interesting.

I like to find new blogs and shops to add to my list of favorites so please, share them with me.

top 3 favorite dresses of the day!

1.Fitted With Daisies Dress2.Meadows Medallion Slip3.Peacemaker Print Shapeless Dress

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