Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nadeshicon convention and some finds

We had a wonderful fashion show this weekend! Our makeups, hair and clothes were amazing, everybody was ready and our timing was just perfect. We usually get the pictures pretty fast but for some reasons, we still don't have them yet this time. We did the show at Nadeshicon. I saw a couple of nice cosplay but since I was there only on sunday, I missed the best of them. My friend won a prize for her cosplay of Gaara from Naruto (the blue costume won).

photo by Jessica Robin Vincent

And last year, she has been noticed a lot with this Gaara.

photo by Droo Photography

And here's a little preview of me...

I saw some really nice stuff at the convention, mostly jewelry. These two were my favorites.

The temperature has gotten better since friday so we worked outside most of saturday. There's still a lot of things to be done as we wait for the summer to come but I'm happy with what we did this weekend. And since the sun was still there today, i did a little trail with my fatty-fat-fat horse but it didn't go very well. And when i got home, Rufio had escaped his cage and was chewing my favorite boots, grrrrrrrr! I can't wait for the vet to tell us that we can free him!

I found about Vivian Maier yesterday and I'm absolutely jealous of the guy who first bought this bunch of pictures! Can you imagine that? Buying over 100 000 undeveloped photographs at an auction to discover such an amazing work? I dont care about the money it's worth now, I'm thrilled about the discovery that the guy made one picture after another. Here are some example of her work.

aaaaaand bathroom mirror shot in 1956, take this facebookers! Hahahaha!

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