Sunday, May 19, 2013

A great weekend...

As I already told you, I was alone this weekend, but I didn't work on my garden as I was supposed though...It was a wonderful weekend anyway. The temperature was perfect so I spend almost all of my time outside.

Saturday, after I finished my working at the barn, I did a little nap with my fat baby.

After that we went for a little ride that finally lasted about an hour and a half. Dyvel was pretty calm and everything went well.

I was so tired after this long day outside that I went to bed early. Sunday morning, the dogs woke me up at 8h30. I did myself some nom nom crepes with strawberries, raspberries and maple syrup. And of course, a good coffee. It was delicious and such a good way to start the day. 

After that and a little time browsing my favorite blogs, I went for a long walk with my dogs in the forest. Two horses went past us so I decided to cut directly in the woods instead of following them on the road because Rufio is not nice to horses and I had no leash with me.

A couple of minutes later, while we were in the middle of nowhere, I stood upon such a beauty. There, sitting all alone, was a flowering tree. It's the only one I ever saw in those woods since we bought the house four years ago. I was really happy that I found him.

We then got on my favorite trail. I love it because it's all covered in moss and pine needles. When it's really hot in the summer, it's still very comfortable on this trail.

Later, I saw a trail that I've never seen before so I went to see it and discovered a small pond along with lots of deer tracks. Of course, the dogs went straight into the water...

After that we got back on the right trail, I stopped to watch something or take a picture, I don't remember, but I looked up for the dogs, Rufio had disappeared. He's doing that quite often so I just called him and waited...and called him more, and more, and he was not coming back. I started to look around and called him for a good ten minutes, still nothing. Do I need to tell you how nervous I was? We were far from home, more than he never went and I was afraid that I lost him for real this time. A few minutes later, just as I was about to cry (really!) he finally came back. I've never been so happy to see him ever! Needless to say that I kept an eye on him for the rest of the walk.

I then got to the barn and did a two hour trail with my horse. He was more nervous than yesterday but he still went where I wanted him to. Which is a good thing because it's not always that easy with him. All in all, I was pretty impressed with him this weekend. 

And now my boyfriend just got home so I will end this here. I hope you had a great weekend too. Have you done something special?

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