Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abandoned places #1

One thing I really, really like is abandoned places. I've been attracted by them very young and the passion just never left me. At first, as a kid, it was the fear that was attractive to me. But then I fell in love with their mystery, their past and untold stories. I love to see how nature is taking his place back at them, I love to imagine why it was abandoned and pretty often I will do some research to try to know a little bit more about it. Sometimes, the real story is not as cool as you have imagined. But some other times, it's worst. For many places, mostly private houses, we'll never know what happened. Some places are not really interesting, but some others are truly fascinating. A few years ago, I was looking at abandoned hospitals, mostly. There's many in the USA and they're large spaces, sometimes they even look like small villages. But now I'm really into private houses. They have a story on their own. Some people leave their house and left all their belongings behind. Why? What can happened to someone to make him go away and leave all these things? Until you learn the real story, when you do, your imagination can do his job and you can compose the most tragical stories you want!

So you will ear about those places a lot from me. I wont blog about it every week, don't worry, but I will post pictures and stories from time to time. Also, you will see pictures of many kinds of abandonment, not only places but things too. To my despair, many explorers (that's how we call ourself) are using HDR and I HATE it. But the places are still great so I'm posting them anyway...

Here are some that I found online today. These have no specific stories attached.

Enough for today! Do you like abandoned places too?

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  1. Me too!! I love abandoned places. There's just something so beautiful about them! Thanks for joining the blog hop today!