Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The gardening adventures: day 1

So we finally got to start the garden. Well no, we actually started to build it only. But let me tell you a little story first:

 Our house's previous owners once had a swimming pool. When they got rid of it, filling the hole didn't appear to be a good idea to them so they used it as an open sky incinerator. They also didn't think about telling us. So when we first wanted to fill the hole, we found out that said hole was deeper than we thought BECAUSE it was half full of junk. So, in order to fill it, we had to empty it first. Half of it was burnt/rotten leaves, the other half was....anything! We found, in no particular order: caned food, door knobs, random unidentified plastic, wood and metal pieces, keys and a complete rabbit cage. A big one. When we finally finished emptying it, we started to fill it with soil we took out of holes we were digging somewhere else. I won't tell you how wonderful this summer was, digging and filling holes. And we continued filling this hole for the last 3 years because it's a damn big hole! And it's still not full so guess where we're putting the soil we take out of the future garden?

 End of the hole story.

 So, yesterday I began with measuring the emplacement, to be sure it would be a perfect rectangle (if it wasn't, the boyfriend would wake up at night to freak out about it, true story). And then we started digging, with 3 dogs running around us all wet from crawling into the new river that grown in front of our house after the last 10 straight days of rain we had.

It was already getting pretty late, the diner was not ready, the sun was going down, so we stopped after only two trailer loads. We dug about 1/5 of it. Not a lot but at least, it's started.

And this is how the big hole looks like now.

I hope that we'll have some good temperature this weekend so we can end this and start to plant next week. Yeah, our soil is really sand-ish so we need to put good planting soil in the garden before we can grow anything.

I also got my passion fruit account set up so if you want to be featured on my site, I'd be happy to swap ads with you!



  1. Awesome - doesn't even look like a big hole at all anymore! So disturbing that someone thought burning things was a good idea, but props to you for transforming it into something that breathes new life. Looking forward to seeing more of your garden!


    1. it doesn't look like a big hole anymore but it's still far from being flat. But it might look way better when we'll finish the garden. That's a lot of soil we're taking out of it!