Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gardening: building mode ON

My boyfriend is leaving on thursday night for New York and will be back only on sunday night. That will be a long weekend alone with much stuff to do! I want to do a garden this summer (it was a project when we bought the house....4 years ago) so I might start it this weekend if it's not too cold. See, our backyard is not really "growing things" friendly. It's a big pile of sand, like the whole village actually. St-Lambert-de-Lauzon is a huge sand pit! So I have a lot of work to do before being able to grow anything in there. Also, we're surrounded by the forest so I will have to secure it if I don't want to feed the little ones more than myself. Now I have to plan what I want before getting started and there's SO MANY possibilities that I absolutely don't what I want!

This is a great idea to work in your small garden without crashing everything.

This one on top of the chicken coop is really a good idea to save space. But my backyard is large enough to have them both without pilling.

This one is really cute but I think that I will need a fence higher that that.

This is closer to what I need (sorry for the bad quality picture...)

Ooooooooh! This could be cuter with a bright color painting but that's a neat and cheap idea! And we can have a ton of those pallets at my boyfriend's job. I think I found exactly what I will do.

(I need to find cute dividers...imagine one you like here. By the way, as you can see, my blog is still a work in progress)

Now, remember that book I told you about? Well, why not fill up another list today?

The list of all whom I am

1.   I am a mother

2.   I am a girlfriend
3.   I am an animal lover and defender
4.   I am an archivist
5.   I am impatient to see the summer comming
6.   I am a single kid
7.   I am a not so good friend
8.   I am a loner
9.   I am a cocooner
10. I am a procrastinator
11. I am a french speaking person
12. I am not very patieny
13. I am happy in the woods
14. I am a dreamer
15. I am a HUGE fan of Duran Duran
16. I am really cheap. I mean REALLY. I hate wasting my money on things. But,
17. I am a compulsive buyer. But I only buy things on sale...
18. I am an adult with a child-ish mind
19. I am a nostalgic
20. I am happy of my new blog and followers!

Have a nice day!


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  2. Greetings fellow Canadian (I'm outside Ottawa). I hope to raise chickens one day myself (our lifestyle doesn't allow it, we travel too much) and I already have a garden which I need to post pictures of soon!

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  3. hi! thanks for following, I just join the hop! gotta love these :)

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